The year was 2004.  It was the day my life changed forever.  This was the day I finally gave it all away.  Everything.  All I was.  All I am.  All I was going to be.  I gave it all back to a man. A man that gave up everything for me.  A man that laid down his life for me.  Not a man that said he would but a man that actually did.  That man was my savior.  My redeemer.  My everything.  My Jesus.

So today I mark my 8th Re-Birthday with starting this blog.  This will be a place to showcase my journey. I will try and go back every once in a while but it’s a new day and a new life.  Ever changing.  Here I will share my story.  I pray my God uses this for His glory.  For it is all for Him.

Psalm 1:3

She is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaves do not wither. In all that she does, she prospers!